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HMS 1&2 Scrap

HMS 1&2 (Scrap)

we are authorize dealer of HMS supplies company who have 110 agent all over the world, They have office various country also.Heavy melting steel (HMS) or heavy melting scrap is a designation for recyclable steel and wrought iron. It is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2, where HMS 1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel, whereas HMS 2 does. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries breaks up the categories further:

HMS 1 - ISRI Code 201: heavy melting steel 3 feet x 18 inches. Wrought iron or steel scrap inch over in thickness individual pieces not over 36 inches x 18 inches (charging box size) prepared in a manner to insure compact charging.

HMS 1 - ISRI Code 202: haavy melting steel 5 feet x 18 inches. Wrought iron or steel scrap inch and over in thickness individual pieces not over 60 inches x 18 inches (charging box size) prepared in a manner to insure compact charging.

HMS 2 - ISRI code 203: heavy melting steel wrought iron or steel scrap, black and galvanized, 1/8 inch and over in thickness, charging box size to include material not suitable as no.1 heavy melting steel prepared in a manner to ensure compact charging.

HMS 2 - ISRI Code 204: Same as ISRI 203 but max size 36 x 18 inches.

HMS 2 - ISRI Code 205: Same as ISRI 204 but free of sheet iron or thin-gauged material.

HMS 2 - ISRI Code 206: Same as ISRI 204, but max size 60 x 18 inches.


Scrap Vessel/ship

We are experts in sale of vessels for demolition. It is our pleasure to inform you that we are in a position to sale scrap vessels through our international network with Ship Owners and Ship Brokers as we have reputed Cash buyers and Ship Breakers in our group. It would be our pleasure to co-operate with you in any shipping matter as you or your clients may have with professionalism and neutrality.
we are specilize for
Container ships
Bulk carriers
Oil & chemical tankers
Gas carriers
Offshore Service Vessels and Tugs
Fishing vessels
Navy ships
Cargo ships
Roll-on, roll-off ships
Inland navigation vessels

Complete Construction Equipment

Complete Construction Equipment

We are able to trade heavy construction equipment’s internationally. Mainly, we are providing used equipment but depending on our client; we supply new equipment. In addition, depending on the construction application, heavy equipment will be used in different ways and will help you to attain your milestones as itinerary. Heavy equipment could be divided in four major components: Earth-moving equipment, Construction vehicles, Material handling, Construction Equipment. We are able to export equipment all brand company belongs to all model.
Construction Equipment list
Wheel loaders
Crawler loaders
Loader backhoes
Light towers
Misc. Construction
Highway/ Dump trucks
Skid steers
Trenchers/ boring/machines/cable plow
Asphalt paving
Off highway trucks

Used car engine

Used Car Engine

We specialize in used engines of all kinds including American,Japanese, German, British,engines.we are able to export all over the world.Our used engines come complete with oil pan, timing belt cover, cylinder head valve cover and many various engine parts (installed on the engine block). Buy direct from the salvage yard that stock your engine or motor, , before buy the Engine we check by Expert.we also check before Ship.
We Export Following below:-
American Car Chevrolet,Buick,GMC,Ford,Dodge and Cadillac
Japanese Car : Lexus.Mazda,Mitsubishi. Nissan,Subaru, Toyota,Acura
German car : BMW, mercedes benz, Audi,Volkswagen
Korean car: KIA, Hyundai
Italian car : Ferrari,Fiat , Lamborghini,Maserati
Swidish Car :Volvo
British Car :Jaguar, Mini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Land Rover and Bentley

We Are Member Of New York Chamber Of Commerce.

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